Important Announcement! (9/2/15)

September 02, 2015

Hello All!

I wanted to start of by saying a huge thank you to all the people that have supported CAFx over the first 9 months of our journey. Like I have talked about before, CAFx was actually never meant to be a real company but rather just a small hobby that I did for fun. However as interest grew and I got support from people like Daniel at Salvage Custom I knew that I might actually have a real product on my hands. As a result CAFx has grown at a healthy rate for the first 9 months and demand has skyrocketed to the point of not be able to keep product in stock. A great problem to have!

With that said I am currently investing in shop improvements that will allow me to continue to grow and provide a better end product! As a side effect CAFx will be closed for the next two weeks while I rebuild the shop and install new equipment. During this time though, I have decided to allow preorders on a limited basis. Once all the pre-order slots fill up I will shut down pre-orders. All pre-orders will ship the week of September 14th to September 20th.

Some quick CAFx Updates!

  • Two new effect pedals are in the final stages of R&D, something unlike you have EVER seen before. Expect announcements near the end of September!
  • Often asked for Tone Roller should hit the store soon!
  • Working on some collaborative pedals with a few other boutique brands, information coming soon
  • Shop Improvements are ongoing to better increase productivity



Owner, Classic Audio Effects