Expression Roller G2

The Expression Pedal Reinvented!

Introducing the 2nd Generation Expression Roller

The Classic Audio FX expression roller is a space efficient expression pedal that allows you to unlock the full potentional of your pedal board.

Designed to seemisly work with pedal brands such as Strymon, Eventide, Nenuaber, Walrus, Chase Bliss Audio and many more, you are guaranteed to find new and sonically creative ways to put it to use.

Give one a try and unlock your sonic potential!

Technical Specs

Warranty: 1 Year
Size: 4.77" by 2.6"
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Power: 9v @ 5 mA  (Tip Negative)
Impedence: 10k
•Reinforced Drive Belt
•Roller Positional LED
•270° of Rotation
•Fully Sealed Bearing Drive System
•Sturdy Aluminum Enclosure
•Internal polarity reverse switch
•Requires TRS cable to operate correctly

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